The Story:

Why Project OTY?

Many of us recognize that our society is currently at a cultural cross-road with two paths forward – the path of fear, control and isolation; or the path of self-awareness, accountability, and connection.

We currently live in a world in which information flows and our lives are impacted at a far greater pace than at any time in the history of mankind, yet there are currently no programs designed to individually teach us how to navigate and manage it all.

Thus, we see trends like teen prescriptions for anxiety being written at an 800% increase year over year. We see the United States spending over $42 billion per year treating depression and fear-based anxieties. We see over 70% of the world's countries reporting significant increases in their population’s anxiety levels.

The problem is these trends impact everything.  They are impacting Education, Small and Large Business, Economies, Communities, Healthcare, the Environment, Governments, and ultimately our Safety and Well Being.

Look around... we live in a world full of conflicting messages and the speed of information hitting us is out of control.


What's Project OTY?

The foundation of Project OTY (Outstanding, Talented, You) is a strategic and thought-provoking curriculum and process developed over 30 years with contributions from many. 

The curriculum and process is designed to empower users in three primary areas:

  1. To live a personally accountable life while simultaneously navigating the increasing amount of information hitting us.
  2. To provide the tools and steps needed to manage life’s Transformative Moments and to empower individuals to make choices authentic to them.
  3. To provide individuals with a tangible road map for creating the type of life that they want to live and the type of world in which they want to live.

The reality is that no two people are the same.  We’ve all experienced a variety of moments, influences and experiences that impact How WE Think… Who WE Are… and ultimately… What WE Believe and How WE react.

Project OTY is a mix of educational information coupled with practical exercises that focus an individual or an organization on identifying their unique strengths, creating a vision authentic to them, identifying goals and steps to accomplish that vision and empowers them with the confidence to connect and enroll others in helping that vision to become a reality.  In the process, individuals learn how to manage their fears with increased confidence and feel less anxious in the pursuit of their dreams.

The project and curriculum is designed to be a tool and a process that individuals and organizations can revisit throughout a lifetime as desired or as needed when they encounter their “Transformative Moments”.

To learn more about managing “Transformative Moments” (the perceived big moments in life) and to really understand what it means to “Create YOUR World”, you’re invited to start with reading the book, “Transform with Confidence”.


Welcome to Project OTY!





Jeff Otis 
Founder, Project OTY

"Jeff's unique strength is understanding the true motivations behind why people behave and do what they do.  He can tailor strategy and steps to help them achieve what they may not have perceived as possible."

- Mike


Betsy Reed
(the First Student)
 A Key Contributor

"Betsy has the unique strength to see the world through the eyes of those she meets.  When she walks into a room the atmosphere literally changes.  You know something amazing is about to happen."

- Patty

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This project and company has evolved since day one through positive connection after positive connection. We look forward to connecting with you.