We're going through the most Transformative Time in the History of Humankind

Transform with Confidence

"Relevant, engaging and a delightful recipe for cooking up long-term personal success."
Katy Robinson, Title 1, High-School Teacher


The content within the book goes much deeper into the exercises that are part of the online experience for Project OTY and is designed to explain in more detail why learning how to “Transform with Confidence” is so important for all of us and our future generations.


The book includes a mix of educational information coupled with practical exercises that focus a reader on identifying their unique strengths, creating a vision that’s authentic to them, identifying goals and steps to accomplish that vision and it empowers them with the confidence to connect and enroll others in helping that vision to become a reality.

In the process, readers learn how to manage their fears with increased confidence and feel less anxious in the pursuit of their dreams.


A 25 year-old millennial friend of Project OTY probably sums it up best:

“This book allowed me to learn things about myself that I never slowed down in my busy life to analyze.  I was able to identify my path to reaching my ultimate self.”

K. Williams


I’m a 50 year-old dad, a business leader, a coach, a mentor and a friend to many.  I grew up in a loving family, participated in athletics and was fortunate to be surrounded by strong mentors, coaches and peers my entire life.

I spent 15 years in the employment staffing industry and built sales and service teams around the country.  During that time, I interviewed 1,000’s of applicants and had over 10,000 employees reporting to me directly or indirectly.  Lots of people time.  I was very fortunate that the company I worked for spent a considerable amount of its revenues on training in the areas of sales, self-awareness, leadership and personal growth.

I then spent 11 years working in the online marketing, messaging and advertising world leading two companies to be ranked as an Inc 5000 Fastest Growing private company for 9 of the 11 years.

I’ve helped lead all 3 companies to being voted a Best Company to Work For.

I spent considerable time studying human behavior, neuroscience and the concepts of neuromarketing and I’ve spoken to well over 100,000 business leaders of all types from around the country in just about every industry imaginable.

I’ve tried to capture the best of the best of what I’ve learned in this book.  I’m working on creating an online experience with Project OTY unlike any other.  It’s constantly evolving so that’s why it’s called a “Project”.

What I’ve experienced so far is that people achieve what they never thought was possible, time and time again, after applying themselves to the curriculum, process and exercises presented in this book.

Enjoy the Book.  Create Your World.

Transform with Confidence!
Thank You!

Jeff Otis

"The message in this book is not just important, it is necessary!"

Suzanne Potts, Creative Consultant

"I'm putting what I learned to work today and I'm stoked."

Matt Rudolph, Entreprenuer

"This is applicable for anyone at any age."

Anne Bafaro, Counselor

"I loved how easy the content is to absorb but still makes you think."

Christie Hougham, Marketing Specialist

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