Quick History:

Over the last 10 years, we formalized a personal development program, tested it with over 1,000 students, developed a beta-software and then tested it with more students, wrote a book titled “Transform with Confidence” and prepped the infrastructure to launch Project OTY.

So... What is Project OTY (Outstanding, Talented, You)?

At the Core... It’s a thought-provoking curriculum focused on developing personal accountability, leadership qualities, and introduces a process for managing those Transformative Moments that come up in life.

It’s a curriculum and process that:

  • Is uniquely tailored to individuals and organizations
  • Has over 30 Years of contributions from many smart minds
  • Has over 10,000 hours of refinement
  • Is helping people achieve what they never imagined as possible

It’s a program completely focused on developing and supporting a culture of Personal Accountability.

Why does Personal Accountability Matter?

Well, throughout history and for a variety of reasons, humans have created most of the big issues and problems we face today.

Many of us recognize that our society is currently at a cultural cross-road with two paths forward – the path of fear, control and isolation; or the path of self-awareness, accountability and connection.

With the modern advancements in technology, we currently live in a world in which information flows and our lives are impacted at a far greater pace than at any time in the history of the world. 

In fact, our visibility to what’s going on around the world has never been more transparent.  We’re arguably living in the most Transformative Time in the History of Humankind.

Personal accountability matters for the simple fact that we all have, and will continue to experience a variety of moments and influences and experiences that are unique to each of us. 

No two people are the same.... right?  We’ve all had different parents, teachers, grandparents, relatives, friends, bosses, coaches, mentors and so forth... And... Like it or not... we’ve learned something from all of these moments and influences, right?

They impact How WE Think.... Who WE Are... and ultimately... What WE Believe!  

Each of us has been programmed to think and believe that some moments are “Transformative Moments”.  We think of them as BIG Moments or Life Changing Moments.  These would be things like a first kiss... graduating school... joining the military... getting a job... getting married... having kids... an accident... an illness… a death of a loved one... and so on...

Well... The Speed of Information hitting us today is unlike anything this world has ever experienced before... 

And... as a result... Almost every moment and experience is starting to feel like Transformative Moment for many of us and especially for the young minds growing up in this world.

Every Choice is starting to feel BIG and it’s starting to feel important.

And... to add to this challenge, the world is full of fast moving and conflicting messages making it difficult to commit to a direction and ultimately achieve a fulfilling success.

As a result... we see trends like...

  • Teen Prescriptions for Anxiety increasing 800% year over year.
  • $42 Billion spent annually by the US treating depression and fear based illnesses
  • Over 70% of the world’s countries reporting significant increases in their populations anxiety levels.
  • And the list of similar issues goes on and on...

These trends Impact all of us...

They impact Education, Small and Large Business, Economies, Communities, Healthcare, the Environment, Governments, and ultimately... our safety and well-being.

Why Project OTY?

Currently.... there is NO program designed to consistently teach the coming generations how to navigate the Transformative Moments that will come up in life and how to simultaneously manage all of this information hitting each of us.

Thus... this is the reason we're building the curriculum and a process to solve this problem and to simultaneously deliver individualized learning in a world that has traditionally valued conformity.  Check out what students are saying about it here.

Can you imagine a world… or a business… or a community… in which the majority took ownership for their choices and behaviors?  Can you imagine a world that focused proactively on the development of the coming generations vs. reactively on the problems of the past?  Can you imagine a world in which people consistently felt safe, loved and respected?

The reality is that we cannot solve the world’s biggest problems until we create a culture of personal accountability.

Creating such a world is easier said than done... right?
That’s why we’re calling this a Project.  

Welcome to Project OTY -  Stay tuned.


Jeff Otis
Executive Director, Project OTY