Every so often… this blog is going to feature a short and simple concept called a #ThinkAbout.

Here’s a #ThinkAbout for today.

We are all born at ZERO and we might live to be 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 or maybe even a 100.  None of us know the answer to that question for sure.  But, what we do know is that we’ve been given the gift of time.

The interesting thing about time is that it’s the only constant variable in our lives.  How we choose to spend time is usually up to us.

It’s the variable that can bring stress to our lives.  The only time we feel stress is when we are trying to control time or when time is controlling us.

It’s the variable that can bring joy and peace to our lives.  Think about how nice it is when we can remove time from the equation and just enjoy the moment.

#ThinkAbout - Going a Level Deeper

The interesting thing about time is that the concept of time was created by humans.  Prior to time tracking, there was simply day and night. 

The Egyptians invented a shadow time tracking device around 1500 BC and Europeans invented the first mechanical clocks around the 14th century.

#ThinkAbout it – One More Level

Everything in life that has ever been invented has been done so to:

1.      Save Time – cars, internet, maps, microwaves, uber, software, etc.

2.      Buy Time – private jets, personal assistants, storage units, employees, vendors, etc…

3.      Enjoy Time – golf courses, movies, bicycles, bikes, toys, etc.

 Time is the consistent variable in all our lives.

#ThinkAbout that this week and you might find that you’ll respect, manage and enjoy more of your time!


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