Here’s a Think-About for the Holidays. 

Start with saying “Thank You”.

Could you imagine what this world would be like if everyone started every day simply saying, “Thank You”. 

Could you imagine if everyone was able to say thank you for the fact that they are alive, thank you for the opportunity to have gotten some rest, thank you for the opportunity to take a shower, to eat breakfast, to put clothes on, and/or to hug someone.

Intentionally saying “Thank You” is the quickest path to owning a life of gratitude and taking personal accountability for how your day will go. 

Saying “Thank You” is the quickest path to reinventing the life that you want to live.  Saying “Thank You” is the quickest path to retraining the brain and a quick reminder that there is always someone who is struggling more and that perhaps your life isn’t that bad. 

Life is a game full of Transformative Moments.

The reality is that no two people are the same.  We will all experience different moments, events and influences throughout our lives.  Some of those moments will be bigger or more impactful than others.  That’s the game we are playing.  These moments (big and small) will influence how we think, what we believe and ultimately who we are. 

Choosing to say “Thank You” is a reminder that you do have some control in how you choose to manage your moments and play the game of life.

When you treat life with respect and say “Thank You” for the opportunity to play this game on a daily basis, you will become an energy giver in this world versus being an energy taker.  Intentionally saying "Thank You" creates an energy-giving ripple effect that reaches far beyond what we can see.

Can you Imagine?

Can you imagine if every person in this world spent a day, a week, a month or an entire year simply saying “Thank You” as many times possible in a day.

I encourage you to start today. 

Say “Thank You” for being the leader in your life. 
Say “Thank You” to everyone and every moment that comes into your day. 
Say “Thank You” to the barista for making your coffee. 
Say “Thank You” for the parking spot that just came available. 
Say “Thank You” for the health of your kids and family. 
Say “Thank You” for the clothes that keep you warm. 
Say “Thank You” for the opportunity to be an impact in someone else’s life. 
Say “Thank You” for the power to choose to be the leader in your life. 
Say “Thank You” for the lessons you get to learn in this game of life.

Focus on “Giving Thanks” this holiday season and for the year to come. 

It may just be the game-changer you’re looking for.

Thank You!


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