We’re moving fast!

Today’s world moves fast, really fast.  We’re inundated with information, messages, choices and decisions to be made.  We're now living in a world where work flows at a 24x7 pace and our to-do list is never ending.  As we check the box on an item completed, another 2-3 tasks get added.

We’re running to catch-up, stay-up or to stay ahead of what’s next.  Our visibility to how the world flows and how things impact one another has never been more transparent. 

There is always someone who is smarter, prettier or more talented.  There is always something that is pulling at our interest, attention or desires.  There is always something we need to get done, finished or completed.

Our ability to stay focused is being challenged like it’s never been challenged before and we’re often stretched in multiple directions at a time.

We’re moving fast and never before has personal accountability mattered more than it does today.

What's Personal Accountability?

Today, it’s a game of survival.  Every single person on this planet is unique and every single person is playing their individual game of life.  Everyone has their personal puzzle to figure out.

We'll all need the assistance of others at some point to ultimately achieve our goals and dreams.  We all need to be as efficient and effective as possible with our time.  We all need to invest in our personal development in whatever it is that we do and we all need some sense of direction. 

As an employer these days, we try to hire employees that will “own” their work.  Time is limited to train and hold hands.  As a parent these days, we try to raise our children to “own” their tasks and responsibilities.  Time is limited to follow up and make sure things are done.  As a teacher today, we try to inspire our students to “own” their education.  Time is limited to push and pull others to engage in the work to be done.

So… What’s Personal Accountability?

Personal accountability is choosing to be the leader in your life. 

What does it mean to “be the leader in your life”?

Assuming the role as the leader in your life starts with you.  It’s a choice and an attitude and a belief that you are responsible for you and your life.  If you’re not the leader of your life, who is?

We’re all playing the game of life and we know that life will throw us curve-balls, surprises, obstacles and opportunities.  That’s life.  It’s full of Transformative Moments.

Sometimes, situations are indeed out of our hands and you don’t always have control over what happens in life but you do always have control over how you choose to react to it.

Being the leader in your life is about being personally accountable to your objectives, adjusting your course to get there, changing behaviors, managing attitudes and making choices that are in alignment with the life that you’re  aiming to build for yourself.  It’s also about being a good human in that process.

7 Steps to Personal Accountability

Here are seven steps to start you on the path towards personal accountability.

1.  Learn and know who you are. 
Leading yourself anywhere begins with understanding where you’re starting from.  Who you are right now is your starting point.  Where you’re at right now (in the present moment) is all that you’ve got to leverage going forward.

2.  Establish where you want to go. 
What do you want your world to look like?  This will evolve as you live and learn but you’ll always need some idea of where you’re headed.  How else can you be the leader in your life, manage the unexpected and remain personally accountable if you don’t establish what success looks like for you?

3.  Understand your fears and how they came to be. 
You’ll need to manage them.  There’s 7.5 billion people on this planet and we all have them.  You’re not alone.  Take time to explore why you do what you do and believe what you believe.  Explore what you still need to learn to mitigate your fears. 

4.  Get focused on your destination. 
Know where you want to go, what you want your world to look like and take the time to simplify how you explain this to yourself and others.

5.  Build the support around you to keep you on track. 
Identify those that can help you in areas where you’ll need assistance.  See #1 above.  Learn who you are and take the time to learn who those around you are.  What do they want their world to look like?  Can they help you?  Can you help them?  Are they reliable? Are you? Can they provide the support that you need?  In the process, respect and treat others the way they need to be treated.

6.  Benchmark your progress. 
Take action and measure your accomplishments in the pursuit of your destination.  If you’re not on track, go back to #1 above and start these steps over.  That’s ok.  We learn as we go and we’ll need to adjust along the way. 

7.  Do what you say you are going to do. 
It’s that simple.  When you make a commitment to yourself, do it.  When you make a commitment to others, do it.  Learn along the way and adjust as you need to but do what you say you’re going to do.   It’s the foundation of moving in the direction towards your destination and being the leader in your life.  Consistency matters.

Next Step: 

Before we can lead others, we need to learn to lead ourselves and personal accountability starts with choosing to be the leader in your life.

Choose today to be the leader in your life.

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