The Sign Said It All

When you grow up playing baseball as a pitcher, one of the things you learn is that… EVERY pitch does matter.  If the vision of a successful game for a starting pitcher is to finish and win the game, then you must pay attention to every pitch you throw.  It only takes one pitch in the wrong spot for the other team to score a run.

For 5 years in college, I walked down the steps and through a door into the baseball locker-room.  Over that door, hung a sign that simply said, “Every day you waste is one you can’t make up.”

Every day, for five years, I contemplated that sign and asked myself the question, “how does one know if they are wasting a day or not?”

My conclusion at the time was always the same.  I figured that no one could really know for sure if they were “wasting a day” or not, unless they had established what they were building or creating for themselves in the first place.

Without first defining what your vision for success looks like, how else could you possibly know if you’re wasting the day or not?

Be the Leader

When we grow up, we’re influenced by the ideas, thoughts and perspectives of those around us.  Our parents, grandparents, teachers, mentors, coaches, friends and so forth, all influence what we think, what we believe and ultimately who we are.  When we grow up, we’re led to believe certain things matter and/or certain things are important. 

We can often find ourselves chasing a vision that has been defined by others.  As we grow older and mature, we reach and stretch for our independence.  When this stretching begins, we’re transforming and growing.  We’re starting the process of defining “OUR vision” and how WE define success for ourselves.  We begin to assume the role as the leader in our life.

What are You Building?

Everyone is learning and growing at their unique pace.  That’s ok.

Every day you’re faced with information coming at you.  Every day you are faced with a combination of opportunities, obstacles, events and influences.  Some are big, some are small.  Every day, you will need to make 1,000’s of choices.

When you define your vision and have a focus on what you're building and creating, then like magic, every moment matters and every day you waste is one you can’t make up.

Think about it, when your focus is locked in on what you're building and creating, every moment matters.  You are either making choices to build your future in the direction of your vision or you’re not.

What are you building?

If you don’t know yet, that’s ok.  Even though your vision might not be fully defined, the moments, influences, obstacles and opportunities that happen every day, will continue to happen and they will continue to shape you to become who you will become.

There may still be more for you to learn before you can define your vision and how you want to define success for yourself.  Use the moments that present themselves throughout a day to your advantage.  Use them to learn something.  Learn something that will help you in defining the world that you want to create for yourself.  Learn something that will help you in defining your vision of success.  

Defining success for yourself and what your vision is will empower you with focus.  Defining success for yourself allows you the ability to manage the moments that will continue to come up in your life and the clarity to recognize whether you're wasting a day or not.  Take advantage of every moment.  Every moment matters.

Embrace the Awkward Moments

Awkward moments are part of life.  We can’t see everything that is going to happen or everything that is going to come into our lives, but we can rest assured that there will be all kinds of moments.  Some will be awkward.  That’s ok.

Often, the more awkward the moment is, the more we learn about ourselves.  The more we learn, the better we’re equipped to define a vision for ourselves.  The more our vision is defined, the more aware we become of our choices and behaviors and the more we’re aware of this, the better we can define whether we’re wasting a day or not.

Taking a day to recharge, to rest, to get errands done, to binge watch Netflix, to visit a friend are not necessarily wasted days if they are ultimately in alignment with the vision that you have defined for yourself.  If you know or feel you’re focus should be elsewhere, listen to yourself.  That’s the strongest indicator if you are wasting a day or not.

Align Your Vision, Moments and Choices Today!

Moments make the world go around.  Every moment matters in the pursuit of building your dreams. 

Take this moment right now... Choose to be You with confidence!

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