Five Powerful Words

Five of the most powerful words that a person will probably ever hear or that you can probably ever ask are:

The interesting thing about these words and this question is that most people are not ready to answer it.

Most people are good people and most people want to help but they don’t always know where, how and when they can help and those who may need help are not always prepared to explain where or why help is needed.

Whether you’re a high school student, a recent college graduate or a seasoned business professional, consider this question for a moment.  How can I help you?

Are you prepared to answer it? 
Are you prepared to ask it?

600 Young Adults = 1,800 Answers

I recently had the opportunity to meet, speak and work with 600 high school students at Beaverton High School in Beaverton, Oregon.  They were all 11th and 12th graders and represented over 30 countries of origin. 

The purpose of this day was to encourage these young adults to really think about themselves for the day and the future they were creating for themselves.  One student said, “I liked that I was working on myself today.”

It was a diverse group and we spent the day going through a workshop of sorts with the focus on answering three questions that would help prepare them to answer the big question above. 

Be Ready to Receive Help:

To answer the question, “How Can I Help You”, we focused the students for the day on first answering these three questions.

  1. What’s your Unique Strength?
  2. How do you define Success?
  3. What’s your world look like in 5 years?

Knowing YOUR Unique Strength at any given point and time allows you to start creating your world from a spot of confidence.  Understanding the Unique Strength of others allows you to create Win-Win scenarios.  You’re better equipped to figure out where they can help you or where you can help them. 

Defining what success means to YOU is a personally accountable step towards creating your world and an opportunity to explore how your definition for success might have manifested itself.  Understanding how others define success allows you the opportunity to communicate and engage with them the way they need to be communicated with.  No two people are the same.  That’s ok.

Defining what YOU want YOUR world to look like in 5 years will allow you to develop a plan for moving forward with confidence and making it happen.  Getting specific with what that world looks like for you allows you to get intentional about the choices you need to make and the steps you need to take to make it a reality.  Understanding what someone else would like their world to look like in 5 years allows you the opportunity to help them create their world if you choose to help.

Here’s what we also learned:

Understanding the answers to these 3 questions above can be the difference maker in surrounding yourself with energy givers and those that can support you in helping your Vision to become a reality.

Understanding the answers to these 3 questions is also the path to new opportunities that you may have never perceived as possible before.  The more you learn about others, the more you will find that they can often connect you to solutions you previously didn’t know about. 

To #CreateYourWorld and to pursue your Vision with confidence, you will need the help of others just like others will need your help.  Nobody achieves their Vision alone.

When you understand what YOUR Unique Strength is, how YOU define Success and what YOU want YOUR world to look like in 5 years, YOU are in a much stronger position to articulate where YOU need help. 

When you additionally understand the Unique Strength of others, how THEY define Success and what THEY want THEIR world to look like in 5 years, you are in a much stronger position to help THEM where THEY need help.

When we lead with questions and then connect the strengths and vision of others with our own, we can achieve success previously unimagined.  It’s ok that no two people are the same.  Take the time to ask questions and help where you can help.  It will speed up the path to Creating Your World.

How Can I Help You?

If you know someone that cannot answer this question, please share the link to the book below.