Nobody Achieves their Vision Alone

A good friend once said… “There’s always going to be someone smarter, prettier or more talented. Try to appreciate that.”

When you consider that no two people are the same and that no two people have ever experienced all the same experiences, influences and moments in life, then it’s safe to assume that no two people will ever be the same going forward.

This is a good thing. To achieve your Vision, you’re going to need to surround yourself with people who have learned things that you don’t know and who've developed Unique Strengths that complement your own.

Enrolling others is critically important to achieving your Vision:

  • Enrolling others is the process of building your team
  • Nobody can achieve their Vision alone
  • You learn from moments, experiences, influences and OTHERS

Connecting the Dots

When you look back over time, you can see that there has always been a series of events, moments and choices that lead to another event or moment that has brought you to where you are today. When you look back, you can connect the dots.

You can see the people that have helped you along the way. The fact is that we meet people and/or have experiences daily in our lives that will impact where we end up later.

We make micro choices every day... all day long… that impact the people we meet and the experiences we have. (Do I wear this shirt or that shirt today? Do I leave now or later? Do I say hello or not? etc...) All day long, every day, we make thousands of micro choices that impact the moments we experience.

Going forward, realize that there are choices you can make, people you can meet and opportunities you can connect with that will help you in achieving your Vision. To enroll people with confidence, you need to understand and be able to articulate your Vision. Every person you meet is an opportunity to learn and to  further crystalize your Vision which ultimately helps you to better connect the dots going forward.

The Enrollment Formula

The size of your network and the number of people that you can enroll in helping you to achieve your Vision can grow very quickly when you move with intent, clarity and purpose.

The Platinum Rule

There are many people who are willing to support you in achieving your Vision when they understand what your Vision is and how they can help.

To enroll and connect with others, you need to create a safe environment for them. To create a safe environment, you need to ask questions. The more you understand, the more you are better equipped to approach people the way they need to be approached.

The Platinum Rule is: “Do unto others as THEY want done onto THEM.”

In other words, approach each person as they need to be approached.

Connect with people the way THEY need to be connected with.
Create opportunities to learn what you need to know to achieve your Vision.

To figure out how people need to be communicated with, lead with questions.

Connect the Dots Going Forward

Pay Attention to:

  • The events and moments you are experiencing
  • The people you meet
  • The fears you are feeling
  • How you communicate
  • How you articulate your Vision
  • The reactions of others


Write down 5 questions (open-ended) that you can ask someone to learn more about them? 
(Start with a general question and as you learn more, then ask more specific questions.)

An example of a general question might be:    What do you do for fun?


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