What’s Your Vision? – What’s Your Form?

In an earlier blog, we discussed the importance of having a Vision.  Your Vision defines and describes the life you want to create for yourself. 

In ancient Greece, philosophers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle argued that you needed a “form” for your life.  It was their way of describing a “Vision”. 

When the ancient Greeks would build their marvelous structures out of stone, they first started with building a wooden form.  The form was to be the example and essentially the blueprint for how they wanted the stone carvers to shape the stone.

The goal was to create the most perfect form possible and to leave little error or doubt about what they wanted the stone carver to carve.  Fast forward a few thousand years and we still see the need for a crystal-clear vision (form) every day in our lives

A Crystal-Clear Vision is Essential

Your Vision defines and describes the life you want to create for yourself and you cannot achieve your Vision without the help of other people.  When your Vision is crystal-clear, you will be in a stronger position to paint a picture of it in order to attract the support and assistance of others. 

Crystalizing your Vision will help you feel strong and confident when you are communicating your Vision to others.  Clarity erases fear, doubt and uncertainty, and helps other people to learn about you more quickly.

A crystal-clear vision not only empowers you, but it empowers others who may stand to benefit from the Vision you are sharing with them. 

We all crave transparency because it helps us understand what we are dealing with in the moment, which allows us to make more informed decisions, and then enables us to move forward with confidence because we feel safe in doing so.

Is Your Vision Really Your Vision?

When you think about your Vision, and the motivations and fears that drive you and WHY they drive you, you start to understand how your Vision came to be. 

After 12,000 interviews, 20,000 employees and a 100,000 plus conversations with business people around this country, I can confidently say that a significant percentage of people are not pursuing a Vision that is necessarily their own which raises the question, who’s in charge of their lives?  Who’s the leader?

Who’s the Leader in Your Life?

In an age when algorithms, big data and information move at a speed this world has never experienced before, it is becoming more important than ever to assume the role as leader in your life.  This can be scary at first glance as there are many factors that can impact our confidence to be the leader.  

But, when your Vision is crystal-clear, and you can articulate precisely what you want your world to look like, you’re now empowered to choose what can help you in the pursuit of that Vision and what will potentially derail you from achieving your Vision.  You’re empowering yourself to be the leader in your life.

Lead with Confidence!

To lead with confidence, you are going to need the help of others.  You will need to articulate your crystal-clear vision.  You’ll need to surround yourself with people that have Unique Strengths that can complement your own.  If they have a Unique Strength that is in alignment with your Vision and if your Vision is alignment with theirs, then you will find a path to help each other.

The process of creating a Vision consistently helps you define your path.  Crystalizing that Vision helps you to message it consistently.  These both lead to predictable results.  When you make this process a habit, you will find that you can achieve what you previously never imagined as possible.

As you learn more and achieve more, your Vision will evolve and become even more crystalized.


With this in mind... there are two questions to ask yourself.

1.      Is your vision your vision or not?

2.      Are you prepared to articulate it and lead those around you?

Write down 10 independent sentences that describe your Vision in detail. 
Use these sentences to explain your Vision to others.


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