Create YOUR World

A thought-provoking process
for developing personal leadership skills

Be the Leader in YOUR Life

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At the core of Project OTY is a mix of educational information coupled with practical exercises that will help you focus on identifying your unique strengths, creating a vision that’s authentic to you, identifying goals and steps to accomplish that vision, and empowering you with the confidence to connect and enroll others in helping that vision become a reality.

In the process, you will learn how to manage fears with increased confidence and reduce anxiety in the pursuit of your dreams.

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“I learned what kind of a person I want to become.”
High School Student
“This completely reframed how I think about my future and what’s possible.”
Alison Milleman, Business Leader
“The process helped me see how I could accomplish a 5-year plan.”
High School Student
“It gave me the confidence to move forward in my career and my personal life.”
Ali Cook, Business Professional
“The power and energy this brought our team is contagious throughout our organization. Hugely beneficial.”
Betsy Reed, VP of Sales
“This will be mandatory for my two sons when they turn 16. I wish I had done this growing up.”
Andy Bunch, Father
“It gives people purpose and confidence in looking at what’s unique with them.”
Molly Olson, Mother
“This is relevant for all ages, young and old.”
Christie Hougham, Business Professional
“Project OTY centers you and gives you a clear plan and steps that are unique to you.”
Molly Olson, Mother
“This is a must for ALL parents raising children in today’s world of mass messaging.”
Cindi Willette, Mother
“I would strongly recommend this to anyone looking for a strategy for how to find meaningful direction and make big things happen.”
Katy Robinson, Teacher

“We Got This!”

33 Minute Webinar

For educators and those responsible for building leaders in the coming generations.

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“Create Your World!”


Retreats for those who are ready to be the leader in their life.

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“Before we can lead others, we need to learn to lead ourselves.”
Jeff Otis, Founder


3 Challenges - 3 Problems

3 Challenges - 3 Problems

We currently face 3 big challenges as humans that we must learn to manage before we can really start to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Back to School - Back to Work

Back to School - Back to Work

It’s a new year. It’s time to get Back to School. It’s time to get Back to Work. It’s time to refocus, re-energize and bring our energy to the game.

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Be the Leader in Your Life

Be the Leader in Your Life

Jeff Otis introduces Project OTY and discusses the focus on developing a global culture of personal accountability. Project OTY is designed...

Let's Build Leaders

Let's Build Leaders

Jeff Otis, the founder of Project OTY, introduces a curriculum designed to be the foundation for navigating today's world. Project OTY empo...

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