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  • Empower your school to connect with every student
  • Empower students to engage in the learning experience
  • Help each student focus on building their future self
  • Demonstrate a positive approach to living life for each student
  • Provide a platform for consistency in communication
  • Create a culture of personal accountability

“We Got This”

21 Minute Webinar

This 33-minute webinar is for those responsible for building leaders in the coming generations.


What Project OTY is.
The problems we're solving.
Why this project is so important for those that you lead.
Why this project will be important to you.

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“Before we can effectively teach all students, we need to understand and establish a common vision with each student. Only then, are we empowered to teach and lead with confidence.”
Jeff Otis, Founder

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Project OTY offers workshops designed to empower teachers, administrators and students to teach, lead and grow with confidence.

Start at the Top


Creating an accountable culture and inspiring all of those around you starts at the top or any organization, including schools. This workshop is tailored to align focus for administrators and school leaders.

Learn to

  • Understand the unique strengths of your school
  • Crystalize the vision for your school
  • Manage the fears that may be holding your school back
  • Enroll your staff, students and community in your vision
  • Confidently articulate your vision to staff, students and community
  • Measure what matters for predictable results
  • Confidently take the steps necessary to turn your vision into reality

You will walk away with a fresh perspective and the confidence to lead.

Let's Build Leaders


Create an accountable culture, clarity in communication along with student and faculty engagement across your entire school.

This workshop is a Train the Trainers workshop for high-school leaders and teachers who will be sharing the Project OTY curriculum with students.

Students will learn to

  • Understand and appreciate their unique strengths
  • Create a vision for their future that they're passionate about
  • Manage the fears that may be holding them back
  • Enroll others in the pursuit of their vision
  • Confidently articulate their vision to others
  • Set goals that are in alignment with their vision
  • Confidently take steps in the pursuit of their dreams

Everyone walks away confident with a process for managing life and feeling empowered as the leader in their life.

What students are saying

“I learned what kind of a person I want to become.”
“The process helped me see how I could accomplish a 5-year plan.”
“It helped me see what I’m good at.”
“It made me rethink a lot.”
“It helped me think about what I really need to do to succeed in my future.”
“This was definitely something I haven't done before.”
“It helped me think about my goals in life and how to achieve them.”
“It helped me realize what I need to do to work at a job I love.”
“It helped me focus in on my goals.”
“It made me really think about what I want to do.”
“It made me think a lot about my goals and priorities.”
“It helped me figure out some of my unique strengths.”
“It brought skills and ideas to help me in my near future.”
“It made me think a lot more about myself and my dreams.”
“It helped me realize what I really want for my future.”
“It opened my mind about my abilities and how I can use them to succeed.”
“It forced me to think about my future.”
“It made me think about things I can do right now that will help me work towards my future vision.”
“It helped me organize my thoughts and I learned a lot more about myself.”
“It helped me see how to deal with disappointments in life when they come up.”
“It helped open up my eyes to what is possible in the future.”
“It made me think about the rest of my life.”


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