Grow with

  • Empower leaders to connect with each person they lead
  • Empower your team to engage in the work at hand
  • Align personal and organizational visions
  • Create consistency in communication
  • Feel confidence in articulating direction
  • Create a culture of accountability
  • Empower your leaders to lead with confidence

Problems and Opportunities
will always coexist.

The “Lead with Confidence” course is designed to empower leaders, executives and employees to manage, lead, and grow with confidence.

Jeff Otis developed this course throughout a career that consisted of interviewing 12,000 applicants, leading over 20,000 employees, and interviewing over 180,000 business leaders around this country.

Jeff led his companies to being ranked as an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing company for 14 years and has led three companies to being ranked a “Best Company to Work For.”

The content, exercises, and process shared in the “Lead with Confidence” course will help you build leaders, retain top talent, and achieve far more than you can imagine possible.

“I would not hire anyone without putting them through the exercises in this course.” - Jeff Otis

Build Leaders. Achieve more than you can imagine possible.

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What people are saying...

“That keen sense that Jeff possess provides nuanced insights that quite simply most people miss.”
“I use the Lead with Confidence process and steps every day leading one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.”
“As a leader, Jeff uses his insight to propel others to a new way of seeing what is in front of them and creating an efficient action plan.”
“Jeff is a true strategist and thinks critically and differently than others to deliver superior concepts and ultimately, results.”
“This process gets everyone on the same page.”
“It’s a game-changer.”


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