What is Equity?

I was recently speaking with an educator about equity and cultural diversity. 

According to a quick google search, the word “equity” is defined as “the quality of being fair and impartial”.  The words “cultural diversity” are defined as “the existence of a variety of cultural or ethnic groups within a society.

I asked a question…

“What’s the most equitable outcome we can ask for in a society that is tasked with educating a diverse community of students representing multiple cultures?”

The educator paused for a moment and then shared a lengthy explanation as to why honoring the various cultures is important (which I agreed with) but it didn’t answer the question.

So, I asked the question a different way?

Who would you bet enjoys more success and fulfillment in life… the student that leaves this school confident in themselves and has a plan for themselves that they believe in, or the student that is not confident in themselves and does not have a plan for themselves that they believe is possible?

Without hesitation, the educator replied, “the student that has a plan for themselves and is confident in themselves.”

The Platinum Rule

The golden rule is “Do unto others as YOU would want others to do unto YOU.”

The platinum rule is: “Do unto others as THEY would want done unto THEM.”

One of these rules is about pausing and looking at the world through the eyes of others before acting.  I asked the educator, “Is it easier to decide what to do when you see what needs to be done or is it easier when you are flying blind?”

The educator replied, "It's easier to do what you need to do when you can see what needs to be done."

Remove the Fear - Focus on what Matters

In order for us to progress in a society made up of individuals and varying cultures, we need to start with asking... what’s the common denominator?  What do we all have in common?

The common denominator is the fact that we are all people (humans) and no two people are the same or will ever be the same.  We’ve all experienced different moments, influences and experiences in our lives that define who we are, how we think and ultimately what we believe.  Each of us will continue to experience unique moments throughout the rest of our life.

What we have in common is that we are all playing the same game.  The game of life.  We’re all born at zero and we might live to be 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 or maybe even 100.  Nobody knows for sure.  We will all experience unexpected and transformative type moments throughout life.

Only when we start from a spot in common, are we able to establish a foundation and a process to efficiently and effectively move forward as an individual, culture and society.

The quickest path is focusing on the common denominators and what we have in common.  Today, we do not have the luxury of being perfect.  Life is moving too fast to be perfect and what we invent today may be obsolete soon.  The games changed.  Read: Build Leaders - Win the Game!  

Tough Question – Simple Answer

“What’s the most equitable outcome we can ask for in a society that is tasked with educating a diverse community of students representing multiple cultures?”

The most equitable outcome is an educational process that empowers a student to confidently articulate their unique strengths, their vision (the world they are building for themselves) and how they define personal success.  The answers are going to be different for every individual when we are adequately empowering each individual to play their game of life with confidence.

Building this kind of confidence in all our students is the most equitable outcome we can ask for.

Our role as educators, parents, teachers, guardians, coaches, mentors, counselors, etc. is to lean in and help each student develop their ability and willingness to build their world with confidence.  Our role is to simultaneously empower students with a process to reinvent themselves as needed throughout the game of life.  When we establish the foundation to start measuring our effectiveness in doing this, we will exceed more than we ever imagined possible as a society.

Live – Learn – Live some more.

Project OTY is designed to create the visibility needed along with the foundation required to empower all students (high school and adult) to play their game of life.  It’s designed with all students in mind.  It will continue to improve as we all grow and learn.  That’s the game of life.  Live – Learn – Live some more.

Are your students prepared for the “real world”?

Are you sure?

Review a Copy of “Build Your Roadmap - Create YOUR World?

Go through the workbook.  Do the exercises.  Experience what a student would experience.

Then... imagine the visibility you would have to help them “Create Their World”.