The Funny thing about Life

From an early age, we learn quickly that you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you find that you get what you need.  (Ok… I might have borrowed that line from a famous song*).

As humans, we’re wired to grow and evolve and build our world.  As we grow up, we identify things that we want and need.  Sometimes we get what we want and find out later that it’s not what we need, and sometimes we get what we need and later learn that it’s also something we want.

Wants and Needs Coexist

When you have a plan and a vision for what you want your world to look like and you commit to moving with intention in the direction of that vision and start executing on your plan…. you know what? 

Everything you need starts to flow into your life at an unprecedented rate.

The game of life is about figuring out what you really want.  What your purpose and gift is. 

When you have clarity and move with intent, the game of life rewards you with what you need.

What are you Reaching for?

Sometimes we can find ourselves in boxes.  We find ourselves stuck and reaching for what we want or need.  Some of these boxes we enjoy staying in and other boxes we want to get the hell out of.  We can get so focused on the boxes we’re in, we can sometimes lose sight of what we clearly want or need.

The question that comes to mind when you consider your “wants and needs” is whether you’re creating your world, or is someone, or something else doing it for you?

One of the great exercises in life is to simply “pause”.  Look around and consider the moment that you’re currently in.  Is it the world that you want for yourself?  Is it the world that you need for yourself?  Are you in a box?

Create Your World

If where you’re at currently is where you want and need to be, great.  If you want or need to see changes in your world, let’s start with three questions.

  • What’s Your Unique Strength?
  • What’s Your Vision? (what do you want your world to look like in 5 years?)
  • How do You define Success?

If you are unable to articulate the answers to these questions with confidence and clarity, consider this.  Consider that you have not given enough critical thought to your “wants and needs”.

Build Your Plan – Create YOUR World!

Ready to figure out what you want?

Ready to figure out what you need?

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* The Rolling Stones – “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”