A Simple Concept that Leads to Success

Understanding the concept of Unique Strengths is probably one of the most important things you can learn as a leader whether you are leading a team of one (yourself) or a team of many.  Surrounding yourself with people who have Unique Strengths that compliment your own will be critical to achieving your vision and what you define as success.   

What's a Unique Strength?

Remember, no two people are the same.  Everyone develops a Unique Strength based on their unique Moments, Experiences and Influences.  It’s a combination of what you have learned, what you know and what you have practiced.  It’s that super power that others see in you.  It’s that strength that fills you with energy when you put it to use.  It’s that strength that feels genuine and is consistently reinforcing your confidence to move forward. 

What ‘s my Unique Strength?

It’s a legitimate question and often the answer can depend on the situation you’re in, who you’re interacting with, or what you’re doing, which can make it difficult to answer at times.  However, there’s usually a strength above all others that stands out, especially in the eyes of those around you.

You see, your Unique Strength is that strength that you need to leverage in different situations and different people may perceive your Unique Strength to be different in different situations.

The quickest and easiest path to really understand your Unique Strength is to ask others.

Your Unique Strength is:

Take 5 Minutes Right Now.

Text or Email this question to 5 People you trust to be honest with you.  Pick people from different parts of your life to get a more complete perspective.

Hi… I’m doing this project and was hoping you could help me. 
If you had to describe my Unique Strength… what would you say it is? 
It should be that strength above all other strengths that you think comes naturally for me. 
I appreciate you taking the time to help with this project. 
I can explain more about it later. 
Thank you!  

Why paying attention to your Unique Strength is Important:

In order to #CreateYourWorld, you will need to leverage your Unique Strength. 

Knowing your Unique Strength and how you are perceived by others at any given point and time is important.  Your Unique Strength is the foundation that you build additional strengths on top of.

Understanding your Unique Strength and how you are perceived by others will help you in defining the steps you’ll need to take to achieve your vision. 

Remember, no two people are the same, no two people will start from the same spot and no two people will ever experience the same journey in pursuit of their vision.  Knowing your Unique Strength empowers you to lead with confidence.

Why paying attention to the Unique Strengths of others is Important:

To #CreateYourWorld, lead with confidence and to achieve your vision, you will eventually need the help of others just like others will need your help.

Being able to recognize the Unique Strengths in others will help you identify and connect with opportunities that will help you and others.  The most respected leaders strive consistently to create a win-win. 

You’ll inspire more followers and supporters when you recognize and pay tribute to the Unique Strengths in those around you.  As you develop the habit of looking for the good in others, you’ll also recognize opportunities to help others in achieving their vision.

Take Away…

Everyone has Unique Strengths.  As you build your vision and your team of supporters and prepare to #CreateYourWorld, you will need to know your Unique Strengths and surround yourself with the Unique Strengths of others that will compliment your own.  It’s the first step along the path to success.

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