What is a Transformative Moment?

Transformative moments are those challenges, obstacles, opportunities and big moments that you believe are going to have a direct impact on you or your team going forward.  (Graduating school, getting hired, fired, a big proposal, an angry customer, having kids, married, divorced, joining the armed forces, an injury, death, accident, etc...)

Throughout life and leadership, you will face many Transformative Moments.  That’s the world we live in.  In fact, today we live in a world in which information flows and our lives are impacted at a far greater pace than at any point in the history of the world. 

No two of us are the same.

Each of us is uniquely affected by our own combination of moments, experiences and information and some of these moments we define to be bigger than others.  Sometimes we are not ready or prepared to deal with the Transformative Moments we will face.

Arguably, our visibility to information and the speed at which we consciously or unconsciously define something to be a Transformative Moment is increasing at a faster pace than we have ever experienced as humans and leaders.

The Transformative Moment Formula:


When Transformative Moments happen, people take 1 of 2 paths:

  • Path 1:  Fear, Control, Isolation (Victim behaviors)
  • Path 2:  Self-Awareness, Accountability, Connection (Accountable behaviors)

Leaders consistently take path 2.  They may feel the fear but will find the strength and confidence to manage their way through the fear and face the Transformative Moment head on.

How do Transformative Moments affect our ability to Lead?

Before we can lead others, we need to learn to lead ourselves.  We need to feel safe with the choices and decisions that we make in order to move forward.  Sometimes that means we need to learn a little more as our next step in the pursuit of leading ourselves or our team.  The more we learn, the more our confidence and understanding grows.

As a leader, you will need to ask questions, listen, learn, and understand the fears of those that you are leading as well as your own.  When you can manage or remove those fears, you will find the pursuit of your vision as a leader to be that much easier.

Pay attention to what and why you define certain events and moments to be a “Transformative Moment”.  Learn what you need to learn.  Manage your fears and then lead with confidence.

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