One Step Leads to the Next

A vision is that big picture you see of what life will look like for you in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years.  It’s that picture you’re committed to pursuing and are passionate about achieving.  Goals are those milestones that tell you if you are on course to achieving your vision or not. 

Early in life our vision and our goals are greatly influenced by others (parents, teachers, coaches and friends).  As you take steps towards your vision and goals, you will learn whether you’re pursuing goals and a vision that are truly authentic to you or if you’re chasing a dream defined by somebody else.

The path to being the leader in your life and creating your world starts with getting active and taking steps. 

Taking steps is critical in the pursuit of your vision for multiple reasons.

When we take a Step

  • We create opportunities to learn from each step we take.
  • We validate whether our vision is still worth pursuing.
  • We’re in a better spot to manage our fears.
  • We’re in a better spot to see the next step.
  • We’re empowered to make wiser choices.
  • And… we’re being personally accountable to moving forward.

When we take a step and it has a positive outcome, we often move onto the next step with greater enthusiasm and a deeper belief in the vision we are pursuing.  When we take a step and it has a negative outcome, we need to pause.  We need to learn from that moment.  What we may learn is that we took the step incorrectly, or that our vision needs to be further crystalized and defined, or that it wasn’t the right step.

Taking steps allows us to ensure that our vision is in alignment with our unique strengths and goals.

Where do I start?

There are two ways to go about starting. 

The first is to wait until something has to get done and then start taking the steps to get it done.  The second is to decide what you want your world to look like in 5 years and create a vision that you are passionate about pursuing and then start taking the steps to create your world. 

In other words, one strategy is to see what the world throws at you and react to it.  The second strategy is to decide on the world that you want to create for yourself and commit yourself to heading in that direction.

The second strategy is being personally accountable and choosing to be the leader in your life.  Life will still throw you curveballs and you will need to pause sometimes and reset parts of your vision and reset your goals and the steps you will need to take but you will also find that you will achieve more than you ever imagined as possible in the pursuit of your dreams.

Today’s world moves fast

In an internet minute, there are millions of text being sent, millions of emails, millions of tweets, millions of notifications, millions of snaps, swipes, videos and hours on social media being consumed.

Today’s world moves fast.  Really fast.  We can get consumed with feeling like we want to move forward but become confused and fearful about how to do it.  We may not know what steps to take.  We may even indulge in negative self-talk that can prevent us from taking that first step. 

This is why crystallizing a vision, setting goals and understanding your unique strengths and managing your fears, before you take steps is so important.  After you have laid the foundation for moving forward toward your vision, the steps you need to take become much more clear.

Some people will need to redefine their vision and the steps they need to take more often than others.

Life isn’t fair.

Unexpected and transformative moments happen.  As you take steps, you will learn from these moments that your goal or vision may need to change, which will require new steps to be defined. 

Learning from your steps and your transformative moments will better equip you to make personally accountable choices moving forward versus being a victim of circumstance.

Life isn’t fair. It was never meant to be. No two people will ever have the same experiences, influences, and moments that make up their life. That’s the way it is.

The game of life is constantly evolving and changing, which makes it important to stay focused on your vision with every step you take. Your focus and determination along with the organization of your plan are what will allow you to achieve success beyond what you may have ever imagined as being possible.


Write down 10 steps that you can take in the next 90 days toward achieving your goals and ultimately your vision.

If any step feels too big, break it down into smaller steps and write down the one to take first.  The point is to always have a next step. 

Creating your world, the world you want to live in, takes work, but it will be work that is well worth it.


Here's a good next step to consider. 

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