Play to Win – It’s more fun!

In order for a team to win whatever game their playing, it requires each individual being accountable to their role on the team regardless of how big or small the team is.  We've heard the saying "there's no "i" in Team.  However, there is an "i" in Time and Win.  

Where we focus our time on the team matters and we collectively win when we work together.  We can only work together when we understand where we're collectively headed and how we collectively agree to play the game.

When the game plan is not defined, not understood, agreed upon, reactionary and inconsistently executed, a team fills with fear and insecurity.  When a team doesn't feel "safe", they sell themselves to the world from a spot of fear.  People buy whatever is being sold from people they trust.  People can smell fear.  When they do, they do not buy. 

  • What message is the leader of your team sending through your team right now?
  • What message is your customer hearing?

In the World of Business

Get rid of everything that creates fear... and focus on executing the game plan.  When everyone (marketing, support, sales, product, finance) are walking in alignment to a "selling" process and you believe in yourselves as a "sales" company, you will outsell everyone in the market. 

You'll know you've reached the highest level of selling when your product/service literally sells itself.  Focus on your audience - are they selling each other yet?

Start with an agreed upon game plan.  Trust the feedback from those that are playing the game and check it against the data.  Listen to what your customers are saying and doing.  Capture the good and share it with others. Everyone wins when your entire team is winning.

  1. Understand the Vision of what Success means to each member on the team.
  2. Come to alignment with everyone.
  3. Confirm everyone is "all in" on the vision/plan.
  4. Then execute and play with no fear!

Life and Business

Whether it's in life or business... You sell yourself from a spot of Confidence when you know everyone in your selling/support process (your team) is executing their role at a high level.  They've got your back and you've got theirs.

Whether it’s in business or your life, start with defining the game you are playing.

You'll experience more "WINS" in less "TIME".  Every time!

What's your Game Plan? 

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