A High School Mom’s Perspective

Recently… I had the opportunity to interview a successful mom with two students in high school.  She also had the unique opportunity to have gone through the Project OTY curriculum for herself.

Here’s what she had to say, summarized in bullet points.

What’s your favorite part about being a mom?

  • Watching my children succeed, at whatever that may be, big or small.
  • Watching them pursue what they perceive to be successful.

What concerns you most about raising children in today’s world?

  • I’m terrified they fall victim to the noise, to the distractions and to the negative that is too easily attainable these days.

What challenges do your kids have that you didn’t have growing up?

  • My children don’t have the luxury of feeling “safe” in a world filled with fear, with chaos, with growing danger and the acceptance of this being the norm.
  • My children don’t have the luxury of two parents helping them to navigate their path.
  • My kids have the challenge of constantly comparing themselves and their “life” to the world in front of them.

What did you enjoy most about going through the Project OTY curriculum for yourself?

  • First, identifying my “Unique Strengths” was a game-changer for me. 
  • Realizing that I could be authentically ME and that it was far more appealing (to others and myself) than trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. 
  • Learning to align myself with the things I want to see in my life has been a huge help in getting closer to the goals I created through Project OTY.
  • Understanding that “time is in control” helped me to step back and let the work I’m putting in do its magic.  (Previously, my need for instant gratification would make me abandon most projects I started.)

What did you learn about yourself?

  • I learned that despite being in my 50’s, I can still have the life I want and that it’s not too late to change direction.
  • I learned that I am a much bigger influence and leader than what I once believed and understood.

What the biggest lessons from Project OTY that you’ve passed onto your kids?

  • THE biggest lesson I’ve passed to my kids is the importance of today, that what they do today is directly related to the future life they are building for themselves, whether it’s tomorrow or five years from now.
  • We’ve ALL learned to be grateful for the smallest things and have forever lost the victim mentality, understanding that each one of us is accountable to our individual situations.

Why should a high school consider adopting the Project OTY curriculum?

  • High schoolers are inundated with “you should do this” or “this is best for you” or “I see you going here”, etc.
  • Project OTY cuts through the noise and allows the individual to think about what THEY want and how to develop THEIR path.
  • High school students are currently not given any guidance in helping them to understand their personal wiring and how that translates to life beyond high school.
  • I like how the Project OTY curriculum is broken down in a manner that takes the individual through step by step lessons, understanding, and into that “aha” space.
  • What I wouldn’t have given to have had this in my own youth!

What would you say to other parents or kids considering going through this?

  • Just do it.  What do you have to lose?  Moreover, what do you have to gain?
  • Help YOURSELF eliminate the confusion, the uncertainty of the life ahead.
  • Take control of your journey… Trust that there is a process that can impact your entire life, and that you will have the ability to make the same positive impact on generations to come.

How would our world benefit from more people going through the Project OTY curriculum/process?

  • We would have a world of conscious accountability.
  • We would have a world of people doing what they are intended to do, with passion and purpose.
  • We would have fewer victims and a plethora of leaders, empowering leaders.
  • When we stop spinning and can be still in the space in which WE each feel success, the world will be a calmer and kinder place.

I might be bias... but that was an inspiring and honest interview.  I've always believed to inspire someone to achieve more than they ever thought was possible is the greatest gift we can give someone. 

When we create an opportunity for an individual to explore who they are, where they want to go and how they can get there, we empower an individual with a “Vision”.

When we create a safe environment for individuals to express how they perceive themselves, to share what they believe, what they are thinking about, and where they’re going… we then position ourselves to lead and support with confidence.  We are in a stronger spot to lean in and help them grow.

When we focus on helping others grow, the returns are priceless!

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