Not to long ago… I wrote a blog called “Start with Thank You”.  It was a quick reminder of how important the words “Thank You” are.  Every time we say these words, we’re reinforcing an attitude of gratitude.

Things Change – That’s Life!

As we experience life, things change, grow and evolve.  That’s life.  It’s full of events, moments, influences, problems and opportunities.  Some of these are in our control and some are not.  That’s life. 

The crazy part is that no two people will ever experience life the same way.  No two people are the same, yet we are all humans and tasked with playing our game of life. That’s life. Things evolve, grow and change.

Start with saying “Thank You”.

It’s ok that things change.  It’s an opportunity to say “Thank You”.

Intentionally saying “Thank You” is the quickest path to owning a life of gratitude and taking personal accountability for how your day will go.  Saying “Thank You” is the quickest path to reinventing the life that you want to live.  Saying “Thank You” is the quickest path to retraining the brain and giving yourself the energy and peace to move forward. 

The game of life presents struggles. Some struggles are bigger than others. Some struggles lead us to grow.  Some lead us to having pity parties or feeling sorry for ourselves.  Some struggles lead us to pause and re-plan. Some struggles lead us to react before we think. Some struggles are more painful than others.  Some struggles open the door to new opportunities or new ways to play our game.

All struggles are an opportunity for us to LEARN something.  It’s our choice to intentionally look for something to learn or not.

What did I Learn?

When an event or a moment happens… PAUSE… and ask yourself three questions:

  1. What can I say “Thank You” for?
  2. What did I learn?
  3. How can I leverage this knowldege going forward?

The game of life is going to keep moving. We can choose to move forward with life, keep learning, and keep playing the game, or we can let the game of life beat us.  It’s a choice.  Until the game is over, we can choose to keep playing it or not.

What can I say “Thank You” for? – If you can remember this question, the other two are easier to recall.  Every moment is an opportunity to say “Thank You”.  Intentionally looking to say “Thank You” for every moment, influence and experience positions you to learn and move forward. You’ll also enjoy more moments. You feel more gratitude.

What did I learn? – Pausing to say “thank you” allows you to see what you have learned.  Whether the lesson is something you wanted to learn or not, it’s still a lesson. It’s something to be grateful for.

How can I leverage this knowledge going forward? – When you pause, say thank you and acknowledge the lesson you learned from a moment, experience or influence, you empower yourself to pick and choose how you use this knowledge going forward.  How you use this knowledge is your choice. That’s something to be grateful for.

Respect The Game

When we treat the game of life with respect and say “Thank You” for the opportunity to play this game on a daily basis, we become an energy giver in the world versus being an energy taker. More people are grateful to be in our presence and support us in whatever it is we are doing.

Intentionally saying “Thank You” creates an energy-giving ripple effect that reaches far beyond what we can see. When the game isn’t providing you the results or turning out the way you want it to, change the way you play it. Change what you can control.  If a basketball player walks down the court without dribbling, the ref calls travelling.  It’s not the game that needs to change.  It’s the basketball player that needs to change behavior to effectively play the game.

When you respect the game, you open yourself to feel gratitude. Gratitude is the feeling that nurtures our core survival instinct to feel safe.  When we feel safe, we are at peace with ourselves and the moments, influences and experiences going on around us.

Thank You!

How are You Going to Play Your Game of Life?

It’s a New Year. 

  • Pause – take a moment to say “Thank You” for what you learned last year.
  • Think – take a moment to acknowledge the lessons you’ve learned.
  • Act – create a plan for yourself to move forward this year.  What does success look like for you one year from today?

Pick up a copy of “Build YOUR Roadmap – Create YOUR World”.  I challenge you to do the exercises.  I’m confident that you’ll achieve more than you ever imagined possible.