Hello Friends…

I hope this note finds you doing well and feeling healthy.  What a year it has been.

Today, we continue to navigate Transformative Moments at a rapid pace.  (Pandemics, Politics, BLM, Distance Learning, Systemic Racism, Riots, Hate Groups, Wildfires, Hurricanes, Social Media, etc.)  This list goes on and on.  Transformative Moments are a part of life.

Today, our visibility to what is going on around the world has never been more transparent.  Our feelings, thoughts, and emotions have never been more tested.  As humans, we arguably have never experienced more anxiety, fear, and chaos in our lives, regardless of race, culture, religions, or creed. 

It has never been more important to help ourselves and those around us regain a sense of control.

Back to School – Back to Work

The challenge I continue to see is that nowhere are we consistently teaching humans how to simply be a good human, be a good leader in their life, and how to play the game of life with confidence.  When we lack consistency, we end up with unpredictable results.  We end up with either chaos or rigidity.  Both lead to a mental health crisis.

Look around, we’re experiencing a crisis and everyone is in triage mode.  As educators, parents, leaders, mentors, coaches, guardians, etc., it is up to us to fix this, and it is not an easy task when our global leadership is contributing to a culture of divisiveness and control vs. unity and reasonableness, yet, we have to step up. 

The fact is no two people are the same and no two people will ever experience the same moments, influences and experiences in their life.  Not even twins. We can not change the past.  We can only learn what we need to learn and move forward. We can not solve the world's biggest and most systemic problems until we develop a culture of personal accountability.  We can not build a culture of personal accountability until we focus on building personal leadership skills.

This is our collective moment to be and build better humans... and better leaders.  We all share this responsibility.

Project OTY - The Last Six Months

At the core of Project OTY, we are focused on building personal leadership skills, confidence, and cultures of personal accountability.  How we do this is by taking individuals through a unique process that sets them up to manage today’s world and achieve more than they ever imagined possible while learning the art of being a good human in the process.

Over the last six months, we have been busy:

1.  We updated the Project OTY website.  You can find direct links to the online courses and offline workbooks.  You'll see what people are saying about Build YOUR Roadmap, Project OTY, and the courses.  If you have any feedback on the site, I'd love to hear it.  The next revision will be coming in the Spring of 2021 as we’re preparing to make some big announcements.

2.  We converted the signature course “Build YOUR Roadmap” to an online course applicable for adults of all ages. I invite you to take the self-driven course and share it with others.  Be sure to share it with those who are managing Transformative Times in their life and/or want to make big things happen.

Thank you to the college students who gave it a test run this summer.   Your feedback was awesome. Check out this video.

3.  We launched "Lead with Confidence", a version of the Build YOUR Roadmap course specifically designed for those who are leading others (ie. Teachers, Team Leaders, Managers, Executives, etc.)  So far, the feedback’s been great.  Take it on a test drive for yourself and then share it with those in your organization who are eager to grow into being better leaders.

4.  We launched the online version of "Build YOUR Roadmap - HIGH SCHOOL" specifically for high school students.  Every high school student in the United States and beyond will benefit from going through this.  No doubt.  You can see what teachers, leaders, and students are saying throughout the website.  Students are introduced to 21st century skills they will need to survive and thrive in today's world.   

5.  We are honored to announce that we received significant investment in Project OTY over the last few months which will allow us to continue to build out the long-term vision of developing cultures of accountability while empowering individuals with 21st century personal leadership skills.  We're building up confidence while squashing anxiety and fear in the process.

6.  We're humbled with gratitude for the 4,000 people representing over 35 countries of origin that have gone through the courses.  Their feedback has been instrumental in contributing to our evolution as a company.  THANK YOU!

So... What's Next?

A.  We're developing a long-term, game-changing application for leaders and students.  More to come on this.

B.  We're adding to the team as we continue our efforts in sharing these courses with High School, College and Young adults across the board.  If you know anyone in your network who may have a unique set of skills or strengths to help us in these efforts, please let us know.

C.  We're working on a version of the course specifically for Middle School students.  Stay tuned.

We’re also wondering what the next Transformative Moment is going to be in our lives. 

Nobody knows for sure what the next six months will bring, the problems we will need to navigate, or the opportunities that will present themselves.  What we do know is that each of us needs a plan for ourselves and a vision for our lives that we are passionate to build and pursue with confidence.

We know that when we are focused on building our future, we spend less time in a state of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty and more time enjoying the journey.

Thank you for taking a moment to read through this page.

And... remember, the five most powerful words you can ask someone right now...

"How can I help you?"


Pause - Breath - Stay Healthy!

Be Good Humans!  Look out for one another!


Thank You!

Jeff Otis