Hello Friends...

I hope this note finds you doing well.  This isn't your typical blog post.

The purpose of this Project OTY update/blog post is to quickly share "Wins" and "What's Next".  I appreciate you taking a moment to give it a review. If you're inspired with an idea to help, that's great.  It's going to take a collective effort to pull off what we have in mind.

"Build YOUR Roadmap" is the curriculum we're sharing with students.  The Spanish version, "Construye TU Hoja de Ruta", is now live on Amazon and rounds out the curriculum package for schools.  The Leaders Manual is being used by teachers.  

"Transform with Confidence" is the book for parents/adults who want to take a deeper dive into understanding the psychologies and philosophies behind the curriculum and the project.

Congratulations to the 400 Freshman students who started the Project OTY curriculum this month.  Hat's off to the brave teachers sharing this curriculum for their first time.  You're gonna do great.

We look forward to hearing/sharing the feedback.

"We Got This", the new webinar/video is uploaded.  It's a 21-minute overview for Educators and Parents.  It covers the 3 Big Challenges and 3 Big Problems we're addressing with Project OTY. 

It's a good time to share this webinar with an educator in your community.


"I'm just weeks into the journey but have already found it has given me a lens and vocabulary to support work with students." 
~Eric, High School Dean of Students

You can see what individuals and students are saying about the curriculum throughout the website.


Our immediate goal is 4-5 more pilot programs. If you're connected to a high school principal or district administrator, please help facilitate an intro. 

A good start for them is to simply review the webinar "We Got This!"

In November, we continue discussions with the Oregon Senate Education Committee. 

Wish us well.  We do believe it's a game-changer!


These two blogs will help enlighten you to the What and Why of Project OTY.

3 Challenges - 3 Problems 
This blog explains the 3 Challenges and 3 Problems we're currently faced with.

The Game Changed - Let's Build Leaders  
This blog is a recent conversation with a community leader about building leaders in today's world.


We'd love to hear what you think.

Impact on Schools

Let's Build Leaders



There's a lot more going on and I appreciate the support, help and feedback from those that have shared ideas, feedback and thoughts.  If you ever want to learn more, or if you've got thoughts and ideas to share, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

When we work together, We Got This!

Thank You!