How was your day?

I was recently chatting with a young student and started the conversation by asking a simple question. 
“How’s your day?”

The student said, “Not good, I woke up late this morning, didn’t have time for breakfast, got to school late, got a ‘C’ on my test and now I have to do some extra credit to get my grade up.”

I asked the student, “what’s the best thing that’s happened so far for you today?”

The student quickly responded, “nothing really”. 

I said, “that’s ok”, let’s pause for a moment and talk about Energy Givers and Energy Takers.

The Starting Line

We’re all playing the same game.  The game of life.  We all start the game at age Zero and we’re all born into different circumstances.  We all start from a different starting line in this game.  Life isn’t fair, right?!  Consider for a moment, that it was never meant to be fair. 

From the day we’re born, we start forming a vision of what we want our life to be like.  We’re constantly learning from the moments, influences and experiences in our life. 

Some of those moments, influences and experiences fill us with excitement and energy to move forward.  On the other hand, there are moments, influences and experiences that drain our energy.  At times, we can feel like we’re being led in one direction or another.

There’s energy giving and energy taking moments throughout the game of life.

Protect Your Dream

I asked the student, “what did you learn today?”

The student smartly said, “I need to set my alarm louder to wake me up.”

I then asked, “do you have a clear picture in your mind of what you want your world to look like in one year?”

The student said, “not really”.

If we're going to play the game of life, we need to have a game plan.  We need to protect our dream by defining what our dream is in the first place.  It needs to be something that we are passionate about pursuing and it needs to feel achievable to us.

When life throws us energy taking moments, we need to be able to turn those moments into energy giving. 

The quickest path to turning an energy taking moment into an energy giving moment is to immediately ask yourself, “what am I learning right now that will help me in achieving my dreams.”

When the moments around you are taking your energy, dig deep inside and give yourself the gift of energy.  The quickest path is to ask yourself, “What am I learning right now?”  The goal in this exercise is to find what you can leverage for yourself going forward or what you can leverage when you need it in the future.

In these moments, take the good in the lessons around you and let the rest go.

Share your Enthusiasm

When someone asks you, “how was your day?”, you have two choices.

Choice One:  You can be energy taking and share all your problems with others.

Choice Two:  You can be energy giving and share what you’ve learned today and how it’s helping you in achieving your vision (your dreams).

  • Which choice do you think others want to hear?
  • Which choice do you think is energy giving?

Don’t expect others to help.  Invite them.

Sure, life will be frustrating at times and we’ll need the energy of others to get us back in the game.  If you feel you need to share a frustration or a problem with someone else, consider the words you use and how you frame your frustration.

If someone asks you, “how’s your day?”.

Consider this response.  “I’m not sure yet.  I experienced an unusual series of events today and I’m still trying to figure out what they mean.”

This response will open the door for others to help if they have the energy, unique strengths and the time to do so.  If they don’t, that’s ok.  Keep in mind that everyone’s dealing with something. 

When you assume the role as the leader in your life and you’re focused on protecting your dream, you will find another path to get whatever energy and help it is that you need.

So, I again asked the student, “what’d you learn today?”

The student said, “I need to organize my plan.  I need to focus on being an energy giver.” 

Do you have a plan to reach your dreams?

Ready to be the leader in your life?

Ready to be an energy giver? 

Ready to Create Your World?

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