Choices, Choices and Choices

Today, we live in a world where information flows and our lives are impacted at a far greater pace than at any point in the history of the world.

Our visibility to what’s going on around the world has never been more transparent. The choices and opportunities we’re presented with are endless and the definition of success has never been cloudier.

We see people achieving amazing things around the world.  We see people helping solve challenging problems.  We see people that we perceive to be having fun and living extraordinary lives and we see others that are faced with difficult struggles.

We’re living in an emotional cocktail unlike anything we’ve experienced before and we’re inundated with choices and opportunities to pursue in our quest for success.

Two Questions to Consider

A young mind recently walked into my office to chat. 
Over the course of the conversation, she said, “I want to be successful when I grow up.” 

Having spent the last 30 years building teams and leading 1,000’s of employee’s, I had developed two questions for this scenario which has come up more times than one can imagine.

Question 1:  When do you actually grow up?

This question always leads to a light-hearted answer and then a short conversation in which an individual eventually pauses and recognizes that they are constantly learning and growing up a little bit every day.

Question 2:  How do you define success?

This question is the one that allows an individual to start the exploration towards considering how THEY define success for themselves and whether or not their definition is in alignment with who they actually are.

Who’s success are you chasing?

As we grow up, we're influenced by the many experiences, moments and individuals in our lives.  We’re conditioned and led to believe this or that.  We’re often influenced to define success based on how others have defined success for themselves.

In a world in which we’re inundated with information, options and choices, it’s never been more important to pause, consider our unique strengths, who we are and then define what success really means for us.

Take a moment and ask 10 people this week, “How do you define success?” 

You’ll likely hear 10 different answers. 

Some will be vague, some will be cloudy, some will be confusing and some will be well defined.

Enjoy an Hour this week

Take 60 minutes this week and just think about “How you define success.”

Once you've given this thorough thought, pull out a pen and paper and write down 10 things that represent what success looks like for you.  Post this where you can review it daily.

In a world that moves as quickly as our world does today, it’s imperative to pause from time to time and reevaluate who you are, how you define success and where you’re headed.

It’s imperative that you define and can clearly articulate to yourself and others what success means to you.
When others clearly understand what success means to you, they will find ways to help you in achieving it.

Rinse and repeat this exercise whenever your definition of success starts to feel a little cloudy.

We wish you the best in your journey.  Lead with Confidence!


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