Here’s a Think About

I spent the last few years writing two books.  The first book is titled “Transform with Confidence”.  This book is intended for adults, parents and people who want to dive deeper into understanding the curriculum that makes up the core of Project OTY.

The second book is titled “Build YOUR Roadmap – Create YOUR World”.  This is a workbook designed for adults and high-school students.  This workbook walks an individual through the Project OTY curriculum.  Readers and students walk away feeling more confident in the world they are building for themselves.

In both of these books, we pay tribute to the concept of “See It – Believe It – Achieve It”.

See IT

When we pause for a moment and deeply consider our future, we tend to think visually.  We try to paint a picture of what things will look like or what we’d like them to look like. 

We tend translate what we see in our future to how it will make us feel.  We tend to look for paths to create a future that make us feel good.  When we feel good, we feel confident in ourselves.

Believe IT

When the picture in our mind is so clear that it’s believable, that’s a crystal-clear vision.  Clarity in defining where we want to go and what we intend to pursue provides us confidence to explore what is possible. 

When we believe something is possible, our actions, behaviors and choices fall in alignment and move us in the direction of turning our vision into a reality.  We then become ongoing learners in the pursuit of our dreams. 

When we learn, we feel the sense of a win.  The more we feel like we're winning, the more confident we are with our next steps.  This confidence feeds our belief that our vision is attainable.

Achieve IT

Yes, the world will throw us obstacles and we will need to jump unexpected hurdles but when we have a clear vision and understand what our definition of success is, then we are empowered to react with confidence both in ourselves and the pursuit of our vision and goals. 

When we can react with confidence, we can find the path to achieving more than we ever imagined.

Empower yourself to answer these questions.

  1. What is your Unique Strength?
  2. What is your Vision? (what do you want your world to look like in 5 years)
  3. How do you define success?

The more clear the answers to these questions are for you, the more you will achieve.

Build YOUR Roadmap – Build YOUR Confidence

Pick up a copy of “Build YOUR Roadmap – Create YOUR World” for yourself or for someone you care about. 

Empower yourself with clarity.  Build Confidence.  Create YOUR World!