A Letter to Friends...

Hello Friends... 

Welcome to Blog #33.  I hope this note finds you doing well and thank you for taking a few minutes to read this.

Many of you I’ve known since our early days growing up in Beaverton, Oregon.  Many more of you I met on the baseball field, in Corvallis, around the country, and on the golf course.  And oh my… what an amazing group of people I’ve been fortunate to meet and work with over the last 30 some years in business. 

Thank you to all of you.  In one way or another, you’ve contributed to a big project we've been launching called “Project OTY”.

Let me explain…

Today, we live in a world where information flows and our lives are impacted at a far greater pace than at any time in the history of humankind. 

Around 2003, I started a project called Project OTY.  My vision at the time was to take all of this amazing personal development and leadership training that I had been exposed to and figure out a way to package it in a simple to understand format, and share the best of the best with young adults and students.  I believe that the future of our world depends on our ability to develop leaders and personal leadership skills in the coming generations.

I know as parents, educators and adults, many of us do a great job.  We see examples of greatness in all of our communities.  However, collectively as humans, the issue we face today is that the world's changed and nowhere across our education system as a whole are we consistently teaching a curriculum that empowers a student to be the leader in their life.  

Nowhere, are we consistently teaching the coming generation how to play today's "game of life", a game that is constantly changing.  As a result, we see trends like anxiety, fear and mental illness skyrocketing.  We see a lot of victim behavior.  We see finger-pointing.  We see unnecessary violence.  We see young minds struggling to manage the noise and the speed of information coming at them.  We see many people (young and old) struggling to simply define what personal success really means to them. 

We're arguably living in the most transformative time in the history of the world and these trends are impacting everything (businesses, schools, government, our communities, healthcare, and ultimately our safety and well-being).  Our visibility to what's going on around the world has never been more transparent while our own emotions, feeling and thoughts have never been more tested.

In the process of developing the curriculum that makes up the core of Project OTY, we stumbled into a process and a curriculum that’s applicable for high-school students, young professionals, and adults of all ages.  We’re currently working on a process to share with elementary kids.  

Just recently, I published the curriculum in a workbook titled "Build Your Roadmap".  This is the same curriculum that is going into schools and that we're sharing with individuals.  Two years ago, I published a book titled "Transform with Confidence".  This book is intended for parents and those that want a deeper understanding of the curriculum that we're sharing in the workbook.  Behind the scenes, we've also published a "Leaders Manual" designed for teachers and leaders to walk their teams and students through the workbook in more depth.

To date, we've tested this curriculum across a couple thousand students and working adults with beautiful results.  It's honestly been remarkable.  We expect that it will continue to evolve as we share it with more people and get feedback.  You can see what people are already saying about it throughout the website.

As we officially launch this project in the coming months, we'll be sharing this curriculum with Individuals, Schools and Organizations.  My passion and goal is to get this curriculum into every high-school across America.  I believe that it would be a game-changer for humanity and the future of our world.

I know many of you have read the book or have been through the curriculum yourself.  The feedback and support that you've shared has consistently been positive and I appreciate it.   As we officially launch this project, the immediate goal will be inviting individuals to check out the workbook for themselves and for schools to check out the webinar and consider the curriculum for their students.

With that in mind - Here’s where I need your help:

1.  Review the website – please take it on a test drive, watch some of the videos (this is one of my favorites), check out the content and let me know if anything needs to be altered/improved or is unclear. Be sure to visit the "schools" page.

2.  Sign up to watch the webinar as an "Individual or School".  It’s 21 minutes.  This is the message we’ll be sharing with high-schools and district officials across the country.

3.  Let me know what you think (good, bad or otherwise).  I'd love to hear your feedback specifically on the website and webinar.  Don't hold anything back.  You won't hurt my feelings.  Email me: Info@ProjectOTY.com or drop a note through the website.

Additionally, if you'd like to stay up to date as this project unfolds, join the mailing list below.  We’re going to need the help of many people to pull off what we have in mind.  If you have any ideas to help us achieve the vision, they'd be great to hear.

Thank you so much for being a part of my life.  I am grateful for your support with this project. 

And don’t forget, if you’re ever in Beaverton, stop by the Oasis for a beer and let’s catch-up.

Thank you friends!  

We Got This!


1.  Review the Website


2.  Watch the Webinar (21 minutes)

3.  Let me know what you think  (info@ProjectOTY.com) 



Thank YOU!