Hello Friends…

Wow… what a year. 

You know… today, we live in this world where information flows and our lives are impacted at a far greater pace than at any point in history.  In fact, our visibility to what is going on around the world has never been more transparent and our feelings, thoughts and emotions have never been more tested. 

Imagine you are 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, or 25 today (…maybe even 35, 45 or 55). The amount of information coming at all of us is off the charts.  Defining success and charting a path for ourselves has never been more challenging.  At unprecedented levels, people are struggling to manage today’s world, especially the coming generation.  Fear and anxiety are off the charts.

The challenge I see is that we are currently failing to consistently support and teach individuals and the coming generations what they most need…

  1. Life skills to succeed in the 21st century.
  2. How to organize and manage today’s world.
  3. How to manage transformative moments with confidence.

Nowhere, are we consistently teaching individuals how to simply play the “Game of Life” with confidence.

We know that 2020 has been a direct break from consistency and predictability, but through navigating this uncertainty, there are some critical lessons we can derive from one of the most challenging years to date.

Lessons Learned in 2020: 

What has 2020 taught us?

1.  Transformative Moments happen.  These are those moments that we think may have an impact on our life forever going forward.  Covid-19 is a Transformative Moment this whole world has felt.

2.  Our Unique Strengths Matter.  When we need to reinvent ourselves, we need to start with our strengths and really understand what we have to offer to the world.

3.  Pausing, thinking, and planning matters.  This year has caused us to slow down in many ways (unless you work for Amazon) and consider how we go about our lives and ponder what matters and what doesn’t.

4.  Listening and paying attention helps us to better learn and understand. 

  • This year, we were reminded when Kobe and Gigi Bryant died how powerful a father/daughter relationship can be and how precious every moment in life is.
  • We are becoming more aware of systemic racism and the impact it has on the world around us. 
  • We are learning the value of great leadership, the type that unites the team to rally for a common vision. 
  • We are learning to listen to many perspectives before forming our own. 
  • We are becoming more aware of the conflicting messages hitting us. 
  • And… we’re starting to better understand that NO two people are the same, not even twins.

5.  Finding Daily Wins makes the game fun.  We have learned to be resilient, scrappy, innovative, resourceful, and focused.  We’ve learned to ask for help and to patiently assist those who have struggles of their own, in order to help them achieve their “wins”.  By celebrating the little victories, we have learned to look fear in the eyes and continue forward.

Project OTY – Top 5 - 2020 Highlights

(in no particular order...)


1.  We’ve started development on a game-changing application for the “Build YOUR Roadmap” experience and have exciting plans to unveil in 2021 with schools, colleges, businesses, and young adults.

2.  We launched the online courses for “Build YOUR Roadmap” and “Lead with Confidence”.   Both are live on the website.  Build Your Roadmap is great for anyone.  Lead with Confidence is designed to help those that lead others become better at leading others.

3.  We hired Lauren, our Operations Project Manager.  She’s killing it.  Feel free to flood her inbox with some “Holiday Kudos” (Lauren@ProjectOTY.com)

4.  Over 200 students have enrolled in the online Build YOUR Roadmap course in the last month.  It’s awesome to see them defining their vision of success and taking ownership of their future.  Confidence is going UP.  Anxieties are going down.

5.  Our community continues to expand.  I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for the people that have come into the Project OTY world and have contributed with time, resources, and good energy.  We Got This!


*** Most Importantly:  100% of the students that have gone through the Build YOUR Roadmap course have reported they are more confident about their future than prior to going through the process.  We're consistently hearing feedback like this:

"I enjoyed how much I learned about myself in the short time of doing these modules. I like how I have a visual of how I want the next 5 years of my life to look like. This helps a person gain more clarity on their life journey, get more organized, and help jumpstart their future.  This course helps a person map out their goals, plan out their life and focus on how they want to live.  You don't typically get to learn this kind of stuff in school."


Overall… as we prepare now for our quarantine-style holiday celebrations and the year to come, we know it’s going to continue to be a little awkward and uncertain for some time.  Regardless, we’re ready to say goodbye to 2020 and hello 2021. 

We know the coming year will be full of new Transformative Moments that each of us will need to navigate.  I mean, that is the game of life, right!?  We also know that when you are moving forward with Confidence, Focus, Intent and Purpose, that life is pretty good.

Build YOUR Roadmap - Fresh Start – 2021

Through the end of January, we are offering our signature online course “Build YOUR Roadmap” at a 50% discount.

I encourage you to go through the course for yourself or share this course and end-of-year offer with someone that you feel would benefit with a Fresh Start and perspective going forward.  Maybe there is someone in your network that needs a little help reinventing themselves or simply organizing their plan for success. 

In any event, check out the Build YOUR Roadmap program, and then decide on your next step. 


Friends, thank you for taking the time to read this.  I wish each one of you a safe, happy, and peaceful holiday season.  We are grateful for your support.

Happy New Year and Thank You!

Jeff Otis